Bradley – “Despite training for a marathon and running every other day I could not shift my excess weight. After the Body Reset Programme I lost 15 lbs and 25 cms off my waist, arms and legs, and on top of that I have a feeling of happiness and clarity that I’ve never experienced before. My 17 year old son who was born by C-Section has always had to put up with gut, bowel and weight problems (plus teenage diet), and he has lost a stone in weight and is now continuing to eat clean food. It has also improved our relationship. I never expected such fast results.”



Mullet – “I have always been a self-confessed sugar junkie, and suffer with depression. When my emotions dipped I turned to food, and the wrong food at that.
I experienced flu like symptoms for a few days and I wasn’t keen on the taste of the shake, but by the end of the detox I grew to like it. It has been life changing for me. I dropped 2 dress sizes, my mood has improved so much that I’m
now off my depression tablets and my chocolate cravings
have completely gone.
It’s like my taste buds have been replaced!”

G. Sharp – “I have had type-2 diabetes for the last decade. The Synergy products have been the only thing that has enabled me to control it, and after I finished the detox my blood sugar levels went down so much that my insulin has been reduced from 200mg to 20mg per day. Needless to say I don’t hide my Synergy light under a bushel!”


M. Ker – “IBS has been a problem for me for the last few years, but lately I have been doubled over with pain from several attacks of diverticulitis. The intense phase of the detox was tiring and unpleasant at times, but it was worth every moment to be free of my digestive woes and pain, plus I have increased energy.”


Kay – “On days 4-6 horrible backache, however – a very large oedema (swelling) from a riding accident in 2013 that went all the way around the left side of lower back has all but dispersed (prev been aspirated, physio,.massage, ultrasound with very limited success); not experienced any usual ‘winter joint pain’ thus far.”

L. James – “As a nutritionist I have spoken about gut health for many years, this is the best and fastest approach.”